Hayden Kho talks about Maricar Reyes for first time

Manila Bulletin

Manila, Philippines - For the first time after his sex video scandal broke out in May 2009, Hayden Kho Jr. has said something about his former partner Maricar Reyes.

During an appearance in a showbiz TV program, Kho, who has ventured into perfume business after the height of the scandal, was asked to describe a scent for Reyes.

"I know first time na may nagtanong sa 'kin to," he began. "I remember this line from Mark Twain. Sabi niya, 'forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds over the hill that has crushed it.' So I think something based on violets."

Kho has ventured into perfume business after his professional physician's license was revoked in view of the scandal. Recall that he admitted to videotaping his intimate moments with various women, including Reyes, without their knowledge. But he vehemently denied publishing these online.

Amid the scandal, Reyes remained quiet, unlike Katrina Halili who slapped Kho with charges of violation of Anti-violence Against Women and Children Act. Halili is among the women involved in the scandal.

When asked to describe a scent for Halili, he refused to answer.

Meanwhile, for his long-time girlfriend, Dr. Vicki Belo, he chose the best smelling fragrance. For his lawyer, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, he chose musk with a hint of floral scent. And for his mother Irene Kho, he chose jasmine.