Haze continues to affect Singapore as three-hour PSI reading hits 88

The three-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading soared to 88 at 4pm on June 14.

All regions in Singapore were hazy on Friday, as the three-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading soared to 88 at 4pm. This is in the moderate range, according to the National Environment Agency’s (NEA’s) website.

The three-hour PSI readings are calculated based on PM10 concentrations only.

PM10 refers to particulate matter of 10 microns in size which is about one-fifth the thickness of a human hair or less. The small size of such particles means that they are readily suspended in the air and easily breathed in.

The overall PSI reading was between 59 and 65 as of 4pm, which is also in the moderate range. It was the highest in the south region.

While the readings are not in the unhealthy range, many Singaporeans have noticed a marked difference in air quality.

Ellyne Phneah, a 24-year-old reporter, who stays in the central region, told Yahoo! Singapore that the haze caused her to suffer from a “blocked nose” when she left her home on Friday at 9.30am.

She added that this seldom happens and it caused her discomfort as she “was not able to breathe properly.”

Shawna Siow, a 24-year-old video editor, who stays in the west, said the recent haze has been causing her skin irritation.

Siow, who was in Taipei last week, added that the haze here is “even worse” than that in Taipei.

NEA advises unusually sensitive people to consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion.

On Wednesday, NEA said on its website that “transboundary smoke haze could affect the [southern ASEAN] region” from June to September as this is the “traditional dry season”. It added that “increased hotspot activities may be expected in Sumatra and Borneo” during this season.

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