HDB taps NCS-led consortium to masterplan Smart Hub

The Hub will scale up to over 1,000 HDB blocks.

Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB) has tapped a consortium led by NCS to deliver a Smart Urban Habitat Master Plan (SUHMP) to help guide the future evolution of HDB’s new towns in Singapore, according to a media release by NCS.

NCS, a subsidiary of Singtel, is joined by AECOM, Arup Singapore, and Samsung SDS Asia Pacific in the consortium.

The consortium will deploy eco-friendly and smart features through the Smart Hub, which is based on NCS’s IntelliSURF platform for situational awareness and smart city operations. Upon development, the Smart Hub will integrate the data it receives from sensors embedded within the estate, and generate relevant insights for HDB.

For instance, HDB estates would conserve energy and slash wastage of resources by analysing data from and optimising efficiency of sensors on solar panels, LED lights, and smart pumps in water tanks. Service disruptions would also be minimised by studying usage patterns of common amenities like lifts and smart lights to pre-empt maintenance issues.

NCS further reports that the Smart Hub will scale up to over 1,000 HDB blocks progressively from 2017 onwards.

“These initiatives can include a variety of estate enhancing services such as smart community services and implementation of game-like tools to engage residents and foster closer community living,” NCS stated.

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