Healthy government needs a strong Opposition, says Balakong by-election candidate

Rizanizam Abdul Hamid

BALAKONG: A healthy government must be balanced by a strong opposition voice to ensure the problems faced by the rakyat would be heard consistently and comprehensively.

MCA's Balakong by-election candidate Tan Chee Teong claimed that in Selangor, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) was too strong resulting in them being complacent in carrying out their duties.

"That is why we must strengthen the opposition seats because what is happening now is not a fair balance of power and this is dangerous.

"Any government should fear the opposition because this is the only way for us to ensure they carry out their duties and implement their promises," he said at a media conference, here, today.

Commenting further, Tan said Selangor has 51 state seats and only five are held by the opposition.

This he said has led to a decrease in questions raised at the state assembly to 420 as compared to 700 previously.

"Therefore I plead for the people in Balakong to vote for me because this will not only be a win for MCA but a win for the people of Selangor.

"We will ensure 'check and balance' is practised thus preventing the government from making half-hearted decisions," he said. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd