Have you heard of 'vystopia,' a form of anxiety that affects vegans?

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Vystopia is a term that refers to the anguish and anxiety connected to the awareness of animal suffering linked to agricultural methods.

Anger, stress, incomprehension and even depression are some of the ailments experienced by those who suffer from "vystopia." This psychological phenomenon has been studied by an Australian psychologist and affects people whose awareness of animal suffering generates a psychological shock.

Clare Mann is an Australian psychologist. She is also the author of Vystopia : The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World ." In this work, she discusses the theme of "vystopia." This neologism created from "vegan" and "dystopia" attempts to describe the anguish linked to the awareness of the suffering of animals linked to industrial farming.

Experienced as a form of trauma by those affected, vystopia symptoms include depression, anxiety or even post-traumatic stress disorder. In a survey conducted by the psychologist on 815 vegan people, 85% said they were suffering or had suffered from vystopia. The specialist says that in her practice she sees many people who have worked in contact with animals in slaughterhouses or in farms.

Clare Mann, herself a vegan and activist since 1975, wants to have vystopia recognized as a unique condition in the spectrum of psychology.

Mylène Bertaux

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