How to get: Heat-free waves at home

How to get: Heat-free waves at home

Stars like Blake Lively, Khloe Kardashian, and Chrissy Teigen often rock effortless waves when stepping out for red carpet events.

Keen to emulate the look for yourself at home? Well, it’s is possible – and you may be surprised to learn it’s even achievable without the use of heated styling tools.

"There’s nothing quite like effortless waves. They can be chic, feminine, and cool depending on your mood,” insisted celebrity hairstylist Phil Smith. “If you’re trying to steer clear of applying heat to the hair, heatless waves are an ideal style to go for.”

To begin, wash your hair with a volumising shampoo and conditioner before towel-drying. Liberally spritz the mid-lengths and ends of your locks with a leave-in conditioner.

Phil recommends his Smooth Keratin Protein Spray, while other great options on the market include OUAI's Leave-In Conditioner and Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate & Repair Multi-Action Leave-In Conditioner.

“Comb the hair and then leave it until it’s 80 to 90 per cent dry,” he advises. “Select hair from the front, root and twist back, taking bigger sections as you go. Continue this process behind the ear until you reach the nape of your neck and pin using a hair grip.”

Twist the remaining hair and curl into a small, low bun and secure using hair grips or a scrunchie. Repeat on the opposite side.

“Note that the smaller the sections of hair and the tighter the twist, the smaller and closer the wave will be. Those with fine hair should use thickening products like my Big It Up! Volume Boosting Cream to towel-dried hair first, in order to achieve a bouncier wave,” commented Phil.

Either go to bed or leave the hair in place until it’s completely dry. To conclude, gently remove all the grips and hair ties securing the style and use your fingers to separate the waves.

If you want a beachy finish, mist over some saltwater or texture spray, or for a polished effect, spritz on a tiny bit of shine spray.

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