This heated, name-calling debate between Piers Morgan and a Trump protester is extremely fun to watch

Jon San
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Piers Morgan likes (loves?) to pick a fight. And for nearly 12 minutes on Good Morning Britain, the host gleefully held a shouting match with Ash Sarkar, a political activist and Trump protester.

The crux of the issue concerns President Trump’s visit to the U.K. to meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May — a meeting that’s being heavily protested in London.

A giant balloon depicting President Trump as an orange baby is inflated by protesters in advance of his visit to the U.K. (Photo: Getty Images).

Morgan criticized those who are strongly protesting Trump’s immigration policies but — in his opinion — gave a pass to President Obama, who deported millions of illegal immigrants during his tenure in office.

Throughout the freewheeling discussion, Morgan jabbed at Sarkar for not being as tough on her “hero” Obama as she is on Trump. Sarkar fired back: “He’s not my hero! I’m a communist, you idiot!”

At that point, Morgan’s co-host Susanna Reid lost it and broke into laughter. After the video aired, Sarkar joked about the heated discussion on Twitter, writing: “How’s your morning going? Had a quiet one myself.”

Time and time again, Sarkar argued with Morgan that she had in fact criticized Obama when he was in office. Morgan said, “What you do is be relentlessly anti-Trump and relentlessly pro somebody like Obama.”

Sarkar cut him off, saying: “I’m not pro-Obama! I’m a critic of Obama! I’m a critic of the Democratic Party! Because I’m literally a communist!” Again, Reid and the other panelists (a more muted pro-Trump journalist, Andrew Walker, and totally silent co-host Kate Garraway) laughed. At that point, they had the best seats in the house for this piece of absurdist theater.

But Morgan’s antics visibly wore on Sarkar. And at one point she nearly threw up the white flag, saying, “Oh, my God, every time I come on this show, it just seems to be an opportunity…”

And at that point, like many times before, Morgan interrupted her to make his point.

Watch a Rockin’ serenade: