Heather and Terry Dubrow, Realtor Josh Altman 'Caught Lightning' by Selling Chateau Dubrow (Exclusive)

The 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star and her 'Botched' star husband tell PEOPLE that they're "enjoying" their new homes in Century City and Beverly Hills

<p>Santiago Felipe/Getty; Christopher Polk/Penske Media via Getty</p> Heather Dubrow (left) and Josh Altman

Santiago Felipe/Getty; Christopher Polk/Penske Media via Getty

Heather Dubrow (left) and Josh Altman

It’s been one year since Heather and Terry Dubrow said goodbye to their iconic Newport Beach, Calif., home, Chateau Dubrow, but the couple has already made significant real estate market moves in the time since.

Celebrity realtor Josh Altman, who helmed the sale of Chateau Dubrow, reveals to PEOPLE that not only did they "catch lightning" with that particular deal, but he also helped the couple purchase another property in Beverly Hills following their 2022 Los Angeles penthouse acquisition.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star and her Botched surgeon husband announced last year that after six years, they were selling the 22,000-square-foot Chateau Dubrow, which ultimately was purchased for $55 million — making it the most expensive real estate sale of the year and the third most expensive of all time for Orange County.

Altman says, "That deal was insane. I like to give myself a ton of credit for that deal. I tell her all the time — and we're super tight. I love her, I love Terry. I told Terry, I was like, 'We caught lightning. Dude, we caught lightning.' So it was a great deal and we're really excited about it."

Heather and Terry had documented the renovation of Chateau Dubrow extensively on RHOC. At the time it sold, the home featured 14 bathrooms, a 20-seat movie theater and a champagne room. Outside, the property also had an infinity pool and a giant gong.

Although the Dubrows initially wanted to keep the sale a secret, they ultimately sold it through Altman.

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“It was our little secret," Altman explained during a conversation with Dubrow on an episode of her podcast, Let’s Talk with Heather Dubrow. "So there was a lot of nervousness in the deal. We’re not talking about a small deal here. This is not like a million, $5 million, $10 million deal. I’m trying to make waves in Orange County. This house is not just a spec house to [Heather]. There were so many emotions in that deal.”

She even kept it a secret from her RHOC castmates in the beginning.

"How do you share something when you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't?" she said during a September 2023 episode of RHOC, saying she was worried how her friends would react.

"It feels like if I tell some of my friends something positive that's happened to me, I'm bragging," she added, before later noting in the confessional, "Don't poke holes in other people's boats. Doesn't make your boat float. Please, prove me wrong."

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Ultimately, the Dubrows were ready to leave Chateau Dubrow and Newport altogether because of their children.

"With two kids at college, we've been thinking about our next move. We just bought a cool penthouse in L.A. and sometimes the universe shows you the right direction,” Heather told ET after the sale was announced. “Change is exciting!"

Selling Sunset's Heather Rae El Moussa sold them their L.A. penthouse, which is located in Century City.

"The best is when great friends turn into great clients," El Moussa posted on Instagram after the sale was announced.

Altman went on to reveal to PEOPLE that Heather and Terry's property acquisitions didn't end with the L.A. penthouse. The realtor says that he also helped the couple purchase an "insane estate" spanning "eight acres in Beverly Hills."

"They're going to take a diamond in the rough and turn it into a crowned jewel," he highlighted

Heather tells PEOPLE that the renovation is being done on an "iconic Hollywood estate."

"We bought this cool house. We're doing this really fun, really interesting renovation," she said, adding, "It's exciting."

Terry agreed, noting his love for the area where the home is located. "I'm really enjoying the time we're spending in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is very special; I like it."

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