Heidi Klum: Art builds confidence

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum wants her children to “express themselves”.

The 40-year-old German supermodel is mother to Leni, nine, Henry, eight, Johan, seven, and Lou, three.

She has revealed that she often paints with her brood to boost their self-esteem.

"I display their gigantic canvases, watercolours and three-dimensional art on a big wall at home, like at an art gallery," she revealed in the October issue of Parents magazine.

"Not only is the whole thing beautiful, but it makes the kids feel proud to see what they did hanging on the wall, and that really builds their confidence.

"I think kids need to get their hands dirty – to paint, sculpt, create – in order to express themselves.”

Heidi looks at art as an opportunity to teach her children to think outside the box in life situations.

“As adults we're told we need to colour inside the lines, but I don't think you should ever tell a child that,” she said.

“Let them scribble-scrabble like crazy and see what comes out.”

Heidi believes painting has expanded her children’s minds and is happy that her family are willing to try things for the first time.

"Creativity is about trying something new," she explained. "We went to a French restaurant and I wanted the kids to try escargot. They went, 'Ew, icky!' But they all tried it. I think that says a lot about having an open mind."

Heidi divorced her children’s father, British singer Seal in April 2012. The star had adopted her eldest daughter Leni in December 2009 after the America’s Got Talent judge parted ways with partner Flavio Briatore.

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