Here's the Genesis GV60 EV looking much better in black paint

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For detractors of the recently-revealed Genesis GV60 electric crossover, this one’s for you. The GV60 debuted last week in what can only be described as Kia Soul green. Considering the Soul is made by the same parent company, the comparisons and similarities between the two are inevitable. Of course, we’re fairly certain those aren’t the comparisons that luxury brand Genesis wanted folks to be making for its new, sporty electric crossover.

For a change in pace, we present these spy shots of an uncovered and undisguised GV60 wearing black paint. It is significantly better looking than the green car. The effect is similar to applying a dark paint to the new BMW M3 or M4. The darker shades allow the grille to melt into the background and blend with the rest of the bodywork better. It does the same on the GV60.

The big widemouth grille with its boomerang-shaped mustache is toned down significantly. All of its gray cladding works better as an accent to the black paint. And even the unique V-shaped window trim in the rear doesn’t stand out as much. Genesis very obviously doesn’t want to hide it (still made of chrome), but it’s certainly less objectionable with this color combo.

Genesis GV60 spy shots
Genesis GV60 spy shots

Even the dark gray wheels on this specific GV60 look better than the ones on the reveal car. All the above said, we still need to see all the interior color options. Genesis showed us the interior in its incredible all-blue spec to start, a color and look we have zero objections to. Will the light blue be available with black paint? Most likely not. However, Genesis has the chance to put together a nice red or cream/white interior that’d match this black paint well.

Until a full color palette/configurator comes out, we’ll at least have some peace with the photos of the GV60 in this black paint. It’s leagues better than that green, and there’s a good chance Genesis’ other darker shades help it even more.

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