Here's why Real Madrid are much weaker this season

Real Madrid are coming off the back of one of the greatest seasons in club history, having hauled in four trophies—including a second consecutive Champions League title—in 2016/17. Against the expectations of those who doubted Zinedine Zidane’s credentials as an elite-level manager, Los Blancos prevailed.

Their follow-up to this triumph, however, has fallen a little flat. The reigning champions have already suffered two league defeats—at home to Betis and at lowly Girona—and are six points down on their tally at this stage last year.

What’s more, she look sluggish, unmotivated and fairly unlikely to make up the eight-point gap separating them from Barcelona.

Why have the team become so much weaker this season? We post our theories in this FC Yahoo video—take a look and be sure to give your two cents in the comments.