Here's Why Claudia Winkleman Got Into Trouble on 'The Traitors U.K.' Set

the traitors photocall
Claudia Winkleman Got in Trouble on 'The Traitors'Ian West - PA Images - Getty Images

The Traitors U.K. has us completely hooked this season with more betrayals, challenges and lying than ever before. Now, a former contestant has revealed that host Claudia Winkleman even got into trouble on set.

The hit game show sees contestants split into two groups, the Faithfuls and the Traitors, who complete challenges to earn money. But while the Faithfuls are trying to figure out who the Traitors are, the Traitors are "killing" them off one by one to try and take home the cash prize.

In a new interview, Fay Greaves (one of the Faithfuls from the last season who almost made it to the finals) has revealed that Claudia was told off by producers on set. Speaking to OK! magazine, Fay said, "Claudia is lovely. She got in trouble for being too nice to us." Aw!

"There was one time when it was really cold in the church and she came in with her people and had her mittens on and a hot water bottle," Faye continued. "She asked if I was cold and gave me the hot water bottle until the mission started."

Fay added that Claudia was super invested in the game too. "She was in it with us. She was devastated at the banishments and she was so down to earth."

She also recalled another day on set where contestants had to pick sheep that best represented each other (yes, really lol) that caused her, Claudia, and fellow contestant Maddy to get told off.

the traitors photocall
Ian West - PA Images - Getty Images

"It was hilarious, it was an absolute scream that day," Fay said. "Me and Maddy got in trouble with the producers for laughing so much. Even Claudia got in trouble that day."

Um, where can we be apply to be Claudia's best friend?

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