Heritage site welcomes record number of lambs

Chester House lambs
Chester House has been caring for lambs since 2022 [BBC]

A heritage site has welcomed a record number of lambs this spring.

Chester House Estate, near Irchester, Northamptonshire, recorded 100 cade lambs - compared to 40 last year.

Cade lambs, often orphaned or rejected by their mothers, need additional support such as bottle feeding, in order to survive.

Chester House, which is overseen by North Northamptonshire Council, opened to visitors in 2021 at a cost of £14.5m following an extensive restoration project.

Chester House Estate
Chester House Estate opened to visitors in 2021 following an extensive restoration project [BBC]

The estate has cared for lambs, goats and ewes since 2022.

At 12 weeks, the cade lambs, which are hand-reared, join the flock back in the fields.

Visitors to the attraction can feed the lambs and speak to its livestock team at events on site until 14 April.

Helen Howell, from the Conservative-run council, said the "Spring at the Estate" event was its "biggest of the year".

She said that by increasing the number of lambs Chester House cares for, it is "able to provide for more families to experience the feeding", whilst also caring for and protecting the welfare of the animals.

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