Heroic rescue after driver trapped in overturned truck on expressway in China

Captured in Jiaxing, southern China, the footage shows a small truck suddenly experiencing a tire blowout while in motion, causing the vehicle to lose control and overturn, crashing into the guardrail and scattering watermelons all over the road. The driver became trapped inside the wreckage, facing a perilous situation. At that critical moment, a black SUV swiftly pulled over without hesitation. A young couple, a man and a woman, immediately got out of the vehicle and rushed towards the overturned truck. Upon seeing the trapped driver inside the cabin, the young man attempted to break the windshield with kicks. After several unsuccessful attempts, he climbed on top of the truck and exerted all his strength to pry open the deformed door, successfully rescuing the driver. Fortunately, the driver did not sustain any injuries. The Jiaxing Expressway traffic police arrived at the scene promptly after receiving the report from the young couple. They managed the traffic flow and implemented emergency measures while the heroic duo quietly departed. The truck driver expressed his gratitude, saying, "I was stuck in the vehicle and couldn't move. I was very frightened. They came to rescue me immediately! I didn't have a chance to ask for their names and contact information, but I want to thank them once again!" After extensive efforts to locate them, the two compassionate individuals were found. They are a young married couple, with the husband, Zhang Zhuojian, born in 1999, and the wife, Yang Fan, born in 2000. Both are from Linfen, Shanxi province and have been working at a factory in Yaozhuang, Jianshan since 2021. On that day, they were returning to Yaozhuang from Hangzhou. Zhang Zhuojian said, "We happened to witness the scene, and we were concerned about the driver's safety. It's nothing extraordinary; we just did what we could to help. The most important thing is that everyone is safe!" The video was filmed on May 14 and provided with local media’s permission.