Hiking and cycling: These local celebrities explore Singapore's nature trails

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Hiking and cycling: These local celebrities explore Singapore's nature trails

Flying out of Singapore for a holiday is now a far-fetched dream, no thanks to the pandemic. Some of us have been heading outdoors to explore our own backyards – by putting on those running shoes and hiking boots to check out the island – we’ll reap physical and mental benefits while working out a sweat.

Follow us as we check out some of the outdoor explorations local celebrities are partaking in, and see if you are as active as they are.

1) Zoe Tay

The Queen of Caldecott Hill has been out hiking with friends and even recorded a TikTok dance video while out on a trek. Along with her in the video are veteran actresses, Hong Zhao Rong, Chen Xiu Huan, and Phyllis Quek, along with a caption saying “we exercise, we enjoy delicious food, and we go crazy together.”

Zoe also seems to be a fan of MacRitchie Reservoir, regularly sharing her treks and morning exercises there with her fans.

2) Chen Han Wei

Veteran actor Chen Han Wei cycled from the East to the area near ArtScience Museum and urged fans not to give excuses when it comes to working out.

Sharing photos of himself at the beach even during the pandemic, Chen let on that he enjoys being under the sun, and regardless of how busy his schedule gets, he would make time to be out and about.

3) Bonnie Loo

Vlogging her exploration of Pulau Ubin with her friends, Bonnie Loo took fans on a cycling journey through her video, showcasing the beautiful natural scenery on the island. “On the uneven roads, after riding for a day, I might be tired, and my butt hurts, but I love being in nature, stress-free,” she wrote.

An avid yoga practitioner, the 26-year-old also shares photos of her practising various poses out in nature regularly.

4) Kym Ng

An avid jogger, Kym Ng shares her jogging trails regularly on her Instagram with her fans. While MacRitchie Reservoir seems to be a regular trail for Ng, the popular host also runs along Singapore River, Merlion Park, and Padang areas.

Clocking five, ten, and even 20 kilometres on each run, she sometimes shares video snippets of her runs, as well as photos of her in different parts of Singapore after completing the run.

5) Rozz

Rosalyn Lee, better known as Rozz, shares that she had been regularly hiking for the past three months at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The countless steps at the nature reserve is a huge challenge for those who are not trained for it but for the host and DJ, the sights and sounds of the lush forests outweigh the difficulties of the climb.

She and a few friends, including theatre director Beatrice Chia-Richmond, even tried exploring out of mainland Singapore and hiked at Pulau Ubin.

6) Stella Ng

Singer-songwriter Stella Ng spends time with her son, Ashton Yeh, as they go out and about in nature around different parts of Singapore, including MacRitchie Reservoir and Tanjong Beach Club. The duo recently went on a nature trail walk and saw a chicken on a tree, prompting the 8-year-old to try his hands in capturing the bird.

7) Pan Ling Ling

An avid golfer, Pan Ling Ling often shares photos of her and husband enjoying the sport, along with her hiking up the Bukit Timah Summit and spending time out at Thomson Nature Park. With lesser people there than at Bukit Timah, Pan shared that she likes to make a checkpoint at a particular tree.

“Knowing that this tree will not fall because of its stable roots, it is good to remember that with a strong foundation, everything will work out,” she wrote.

8) Sora Ma

Currently on her 100 sit-ups a day challenge, Sora Ma regularly shares photos and videos of her working out, walking and jogging in nature. Back in October, the 36-year-old embarked on her first-ever MacRitchie hiking trail, starting and ending at Windsor Nature Park.

Going on the 13-kilometres trail, Ma hiked past the Terentang Trail, and along the reservoir before reaching the Petai Trail and then rounding back to where she came from.

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