Hilaria Baldwin says Alec is 'way more romantic' than she is: 'He's happy to sit and look in your eyes'

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin’s marriage may not be a fairy tale, but it is certainly romantic, thanks in most part to Alec.

Hilaria visited the Build Studio Thursday night with Daphne Oz to participate in Brit + Co’s #CreateGood summit in New York City, and both women opened up about how they maintain happy marriages. “I think another important thing is it’s not all your responsibility … you guys are partners,” Hilaria said during the conversation. “And one place where I’m really lucky is, Alec is really romantic,” she revealed.

The actor is so romantic, she can’t keep up. “Like, he’s way more romantic than I am,” she said. “So I have to like be the one — I’m like, ‘OK, I have to do this too.’”

Hilaria Baldwin reveals how she maintains a happy marriage at Build Studio for Brit + Co’s #CreateGood summit. (Photo: Build)
Hilaria Baldwin reveals how she maintains a happy marriage at Build Studio for Brit + Co’s #CreateGood summit. (Photo: Build)

Although he’s known to be temperamental, the actor who plays Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live can also be incredibly mushy. “He’s happy to sit and look in your eyes across the table, and just be like, ‘Wow, you’re so beautiful,’” said Hilaria, who gave birth to their fourth child this past summer. “Sometimes I’m like, ‘Oh, thank you,’ and he’s like, ‘And you know what? I say it to you too much.’ And then I stop, and I realize, wow, I’m pretty lucky, you know? I’m lucky that, you know, we’ve been together, I don’t know, like eight years now and he still wants to spend that kind of time with me,” said the yoga instructor who just launched a podcast with Oz called “Mom Brain.” “But I really think that, just like you have to work to be a good parent, you have to work to be a good spouse, on both sides.”

Hilaria’s secret to wedded bliss? “Alec and I spend some time almost every single night together,” she said. “This is a weird night where he’s one place and I’m in another place. And he’s like calling me every other minute. We talk a ton during the day.”

She’s seen relationships deteriorate because couples drift apart and she won’t let that happen to her marriage to the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning actor. “Too many times you hear about these relationships where the kids are 18 years old, they’re out of the house, and then you look at each other, and we’re like, we have nothing in common anymore. … And I don’t want that to be my destiny.”

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