Hindu Man In Bangladesh Jailed For Private Facebook Chat That Allegedly ‘Insulted Islam’

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A Hindu family in Bangladesh’s southern Bhola district has been under house arrest for the past two weeks over a private Facebook messenger chat, BBC has reported.

On September 15, a screenshot of a Facebook messenger conversion between two accounts named Jayaram and Gouranga was circulated on social media. Gouranga Chandra Dey was arrested the next day and has been in jail since the incident.

Bangladesh police have contacted Facebook authorities to investigate whether the said chat indeed happened from the arrested man’s account, says the BBC report.

If the arrest wasn’t enough, the family of Gouranga is being targetted by fanatics. Various Islamist organisations have been demanding punishment and are carrying out protests and rallies against Gouranga. BBC reports that full-time police have been deployed in the area and Gouranga’s family have been under house arrest.

Gouranga Chandra Dey is an influential Hindu community leader in Sadar, is politically active and is also the president of Bhola District Puja Celebration Parishad, as per reports.

His family has told the media that the account from which the chat was made was a fake account and he is being framed.

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