Historic town of Taiping gets filmed for BBC’s Great Railway Journeys travelogue

Sylvia Looi
‘Great Railway Journeys’ host Micheal Portillo shooting a scene at Taiping Lake Gardens. — Picture via Facebook/ Majlis Perbandaran Taiping

IPOH, Sept 11 — The peaceful town of Taiping is set to be included in an episode of BBC’s travelogue series, “Great Railway Journeys”.

The crew arrived in Taiping to shoot the scenes on September 7 where programme host Michael Portillo was taken to several popular locations such as the Raintree Walk, Taiping Lake Gardens, Taiping central market and Market Square.

In a posting on its official Facebook page, Taiping Municipal Council (MPT) said the programme would highlight Portillo’s journeys to several states and locations in Malaysia via train.

The heritage Taiping Central Market will be immortalised in the ‘Great Railway Journeys’ travelogue hosted by Micheal Portillo. — Picture via Facebook/ Majlis Perbandaran Taiping

“Portillo will delve into the area’s history and culture at every location he stops besides highlighting its arts, landscape, delicacies and tourists spots,” added the council.

Previously, the television series, which was first screened 10 years ago, had gone to India, United States, most of Europe and Russia.

The council noted that the series was based on a travel guide about the history of trains that was published in 1913.

“Travelling by train is fast becoming popular,” noted the council.

Following the post, many social media users urged the council to preserve Taiping’s old buildings.

Es Ng said heritage buildings should be preserved before they fell apart.

“Perhaps these kind of events can help speed up the process and get the state government to act fast,” he wrote.

Ong Lee said nature was at its best at the Taiping Lake Gardens and Bukit Larut (formerly known as Maxwell Hill).

“Would be excellent if MPT can please restore the facade of as many historical buildings as possible to maintain the status of Taiping Heritage Town,” she wrote.

Wan Mashitah also urged the council to preserve the old buildings in Taiping.

“If the buildings are not well maintained, we will lose these valuable assets that makes Taiping special,” she wrote.

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