Historical sports equinox: For first time, 6 major sports leagues have games on same day

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October is typically the month of the fabled sports equinox, when all four major sports leagues have games on one day. It's already happened once this year, just a few weeks ago on Oct. 21. 

But on Oct. 31 — Halloween — something even rarer is happening. We've got NFL Week 8. The start of the third week of NBA and NHL play. Game 5 of the World Series, in which the Atlanta Braves can win it all. That's normally enough for a sports equinox, but on Sunday we've got even more. MLS and the NWSL also have games on Sunday. For the first time in history, all six of those leagues have games on the same day. 

There isn't a special name for an occurrence like this. It's still called a sports equinox, though maybe it should get its own special name? Super sports equinox? Ultimate sports equinox? 

Regardless of what we call it, it's still great. For a sports fan, it's heaven. For nearly 12 hours, you'll be able to watch pretty much any sport you want. So fire up your TV, laptop, phone and tablet — which is essentially the only way you'll be able to consume everything at the same time — and get ready for the best sports day of the entire year. 

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