History and science fiction headed to CW

The CW network is preparing for fall and has ordered three new pilots. In "Reign," the network will look at the life of Mary Stuart, queen of Scotland and France. "Oxygen" and "The Hundred" will be science fiction-oriented.

"Reign" will focus on the rise to power of Mary Stuart, who was the queen of Scotland and France in the 16th century. The series will follow her difficult daily life within the French royal court, where she arrives at 15 as the future wife of the king of France, François II. 

"Oxygen" will be about aliens on Earth. After ten years spent in forced isolation, the aliens will join in human everyday life, including high school. One of them will fall in love with a woman. 

"The Hundred" will also be a science fiction drama, this one set a hundred years after a nuclear war has destroyed mankind. The survivors now live in a space station and will try to recolonize the planet by freeing a hundred young offenders.