HK actress Celina Ma axed from ‘Wonder Women’ drama after violent scuffle with protesters

Tan Mei Zi
Ma’s bloody encounter with protesters in October has made her a divisive figure among Hong Kong citizens. — Picture from Facebook/CelineMaTVB

PETALING JAYA, Dec 23 — Actress Celine Ma’s scenes in Wonder Women have been shelved following her controversial altercation with protesters in Hong Kong.

Broadcast station TVB reportedly decided to remove Ma from the show to avoid bringing up sensitive topics and irking viewers, Hong Kong news portal wrote.

Ma appeared nonchalant about the issue when pressed for comments by reporters, adding that her role was just a minor part in the series.

“I didn’t play a police officer in the drama but all my family members in the series are cops.

“I was just a guest star and I didn’t have much dialogue,” she was quoted as saying.

The 52-year-old made headlines when reports of her fighting with demonstrators in Hong Kong surfaced in early October.

The incident left her with 11 stitches and injuries to her mouth, chin, and head.

Though Ma insists she was attacked first by protesters, a video later made the rounds showing her attempting to film an act of vandalism before lunging forward to punch and kick protestors who stood motionless in front of her.

She has publicly expressed support for the Hong Kong police and commended the work of the Hong Kong government, insisting that “Hong Kong is part of China.”

In a July video, the actress described the protests against a polarising extradition bill to mainland China as “rubbish.”

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