HK unhappy with Jackie Chan in CPPCC

HK unhappy with Jackie Chan in CPPCC

5 Mar – Jackie Chan may have felt honoured at being elected to join China's top political advisory organisation, CPPCC, but it seems that the appointment does not sit well with the residents of his hometown.

According to Groove Asia website, the actor has been facing backlashes from Hong Kong citizens for joining the organisation. His appointment was accepted with increasing scepticism, as Hong Kong political analysts saw it as Beijing's soft power effort to develop unity between itself and the former British colony.

With his recent statements - such as calling for limits on the right to protests and the need for the citizens to be controlled, has been seen as pro-Beijing, adding to Jackie's appointment being met with contempt.

Pro-democracy Hong Kong lawmaker Emily Lau explained the derision, stating, "Jackie's appointment is more evidence that Beijing was not prepared to take our concerns seriously. He may be representing a certain segment of the population but he has also upset quite a number of people."

"So if Beijing decides to appoint him, it shows you what kind of views they want to listen to, which is quite unfortunate," she added.

At the moment, the CPPCC has 2,000-strong advisory members which include a few celebrities such as Eric Tsang and Stephen Chow, and former NBA basketball star Yao Ming.