Ho Kee Pau supplier fined for cockroaches and rodent droppings found in pest infested premise

The supplier of popular Chinese snack chain Ho Kee Pau has been fined for horrid conditions at their manufacturing facility including cockroach infestations and rodent droppings.

The Singapore Food Agency yesterday said HKP Food Technology Pte. Ltd. had been fined S$8,500 for hygiene lapses following an inspection in June 2021 where they found “widespread” pest infestations and “poor cleanliness” at their manufacturing space at Block 3015 Bedok North Street 5.

This is not the first time they have been punished for hygiene lapses, the agency said.

After the investigation, the agency immediately suspended operations at all 12 facilities, which produced Chinese snacks like dim sum, steamed pork buns and pastries for Ho Kee Pau, whose tagline is “Freshly handmade everyday.”

The supplier has been given orders to rectify the lapses and improve its food safety practices and the cleanliness of its facilities to avoid food contamination.

Offenders who fail to adhere to food hygiene and food safety requirements may be fined up to S$10,000 and sentenced to up to three months in jail.

<em>A collage of the hygiene lapses found. Photo: Singapore Food Agency</em>
A collage of the hygiene lapses found. Photo: Singapore Food Agency


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