Hollyoaks confirms affair story for Mercedes and Warren

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks is set to air an affair storyline between Mercedes McQueen and Warren Fox.

Fans will know that the pair have history, though new scenes set to air this September will see them rekindle old feelings.

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The story comes as Mercedes is going through struggles with Felix Westwood, and amid those increasing strains Warren will step in, providing Mercedes comfort as Felix takes a leave of absence.

Meanwhile, Warren is dealing with the uncertainty over whether Ella Richardson is his real daughter, and the affair comes about after sparks fly between Mercedes and Warren at The Loft.

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In other Hollyoaks news, star Tylan Grant has confirmed his character name will be changed to Phoenix, with heartwarming scenes airing next month seeing him confide in friend Charlie Dean that he now identifies as a man.

Speaking recently to Digital Spy about the storyline, Tylan explained: "I'm really happy because I think it's super important right now. I'm grateful to be around people who want to get it right. It's a big blessing to cover it.

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"I hope people enjoy the story and will learn something from it, especially with Charlie's reaction and the rest of the Osborne family. It's very daunting and not an easy thing to realise who you are and then announce who you are, whether that's in a big proximity or a small one.

"The responses we see from the characters are something to really look up to. I'm really proud of what's been done and I'm excited for Phoenix's future."

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