Hollyoaks' Ella Richardson reveals results of Warren DNA test

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks’ Ella Richardson revealed the results of her DNA test, which sought to clarify if Warren Fox is her father.

Ella has been on a mission in recent weeks, with the teenager believing that the village bad boy could potentially be her dad.

She's been colluding with Warren’s mother, Norma, in order to keep the test a secret, and tonight’s (September 4) first-look episode began with the pair catching up as Ella held the envelope with the results.

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They agreed to meet for lunch to find out the results, with Norma revealing that she would like to remain in contact with Ella even if the tests came back negative.

As she prepared for the meet, she got a surprise as Cindy and Dave arrived with Ella, with the ever-inquisitive Norma grilling the pair on their relationship.

Cindy was the next one to receive a shock, with Ella informing her of the situation regarding the tests, and how they were yet to let Warren know what they had done.

While the quartet shared a slightly awkward dinner, Warren told Mercedes that Ella could be his daughter, with Mercedes urging him to take the matter more seriously than he had been.

ella richardson and warren fox in hollyoaks
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The pair arrived at Norma’s just as Ella prepared to open the envelope, with Warren left furious as Ella and his mother had gone against his wishes.

After upsetting Ella by labelling her a “mistake”, the youngster finally arrived at the moment of truth – the results were positive, meaning Warren is her father.

She sarcastically congratulated him on the news, but given that she is the only one to read the letter, will there be more surprises to come...?

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