Home and Away spoiler pictures show court drama for Justin Morgan

Home and Away spoiler pictures show court drama for Justin Morgan

Next week on Home and Away on Channel 5, Xander continues to recover in hospital after being attacked by thugs who ambushed his ambulance looking for drugs. He also experiences survivor's guilt as his work colleague Jamie tragically died at the scene.

Elsewhere, Justin faces court for his recent attack on Conor.

Our new spoiler gallery provides a 20-picture sneak peek of what's in store.

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Monday, May 29: Xander is still in hospital after being attacked

He has been brought out of sedation, but is far from recovered.

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Monday, May 29: Rose stays by Xander's side

Now that the attackers have been brought to justice, Rose can concentrate fully on Xander's recovery.

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Monday, May 29: Bree checks on Xander

She has been carefully overseeing his case.

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Monday, May 29: Xander speaks to Bree

He recalls the horrible news that his ambulance partner Jamie died at the scene.

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Monday, May 29: Rose feels awful for Xander

It seems that Xander's recovery will be a bumpy road. However, Xander selflessly encourages Rose to go and sort things out with Mali after their recent issues.

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Tuesday, May 30: Irene visits Xander

She checks on him at the hospital.

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Tuesday, May 30: Xander still has Jamie's death on his mind

He confides in Rose about the tragic loss of his work partner.

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Tuesday, May 30: Xander wants to know the details of Jamie's funeral

He's determined to pay his last respects.

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Tuesday, May 30: Xander wants Rose to find out the details of the funeral

Will Rose look into it for her brother?

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Thursday, June 1: It's the day of Justin's court case

He's facing the consequences of his recent attack on Conor.

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Thursday, June 1: Leah joins Justin at the courthouse

There's a real possibility that Justin could go to jail.

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Thursday, June 1: Theo worries after giving evidence

He's fearful that his testimony did more harm than good.

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Thursday, June 1: During questioning, Theo admitted that Ava had a history of deception

This backed up the prosecution's argument that Justin shouldn't have been fooled by Ava's lies about Conor.

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Thursday, June 1: Justin starts to become desperate

As Theo's evidence went so badly, he's running out of options.

(Channel 5)
Thursday, June 1: Justin has an idea

He suggests that he should take the stand himself.

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Thursday, June 1: Justin knows that giving evidence would be a big risk

He has previously been advised not to put himself up for cross-examination, but is it now time for a major gamble?

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Friday, June 2: Justin continues to worry about his chances of avoiding a prison sentence

Things aren't looking good.

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Friday, June 2: Roo and Theo both feel helpless

They're worried about Justin's future.

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Friday, June 2: Justin's barrister has an idea

He suggests that Justin could do with a character witness.

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Friday, June 2: Alf comes to the rescue

He promises to give evidence of Justin's good character, hoping that this will sway the judge.

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