Home Ministry seize slippers bearing sacred words from the Quran


PUTRAJAYA: The Home Ministry’s Al-Quran Printing, Control and Licensing Board have seized slippers imprinted with ‘Ya Hayyun Ya Qayyum’ words.

Its chairman Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria said the ministry has taken further action under the Al-Quran Text Publishing Act 1986.

“We have received complaints from the public on the sale of the slippers supposedly stamped with the name of Allah, ‘Ya Hayyun Ya Qayyum’.

“The board have checked the slippers and it was indeed true that the markings bear resemblance to ‘Ya Hayyun Ya Qayyum’, which is a sacred word from Asma’ al-Husna (99 names of Allah).

“Those who have bought the slippers are advised to send them to the ministry or the state Islamic Department for disposal purposes,” he said in a statement, today.

On another matter, Harussani has denied that Bata shoes had also printed the word Allah on its sole.

He said the team had carried out inspections on the shoes and did not find any words that resembled the word Allah.

The investigation was carried out following a photo of the said pair of shoes going viral on social media.