At home in the world of art

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On the site of the Universal Museum of Art, 150 works by 100 artists are exhibited through 11 thematic galleries, ranging from 'ideal beauty' to 'sensual bodies.'

With authorities in many areas urging us to stay home, we've got a bit of time on our hands. We're planning to use it to boost our cultural quotient, enjoy a few laughs and explore the arts, virtually of course. 'Look, listen, laugh' is our new mantra.

Exhibits in a most intimate setting - your place!

These three exhibitions have been set up by galleries and virtual museums to be accessed from the comfort of your home sweet home.

Art is also for your ears

From quirky anecdotes to multi-participant discussions, this is our selection of podcasts for anyone looking for a fresh take on the art scene.

Giggles or belly laughs: what to watch

"Seinfeld," "New Girl," or "Community... Daily Up has selected four series made for feel-good binge watching. Get your laugh on.

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