Honda has developed an air filter that works like a face mask for your car

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Kurumaku, Honda's new antiviral air filtering system.

Some of the cars made by Japanese brand Honda will soon get an air-filtering device capable of blocking virus cells from entering the car and also of catching virus droplets inside the cabin. Honda even claims that the solution could destroy covid-19 virus cells in the process.

Honda claims that this system, called "Kurumaku," will be able to eliminate 99.8% of virus droplets circulating inside the car in only 15 minutes. Unlike other "air purifying" systems deployed by competing automakers that prevent 0.3 micron particles from entering the car, Kurumaku destroys nanoparticles that circulate inside the cabin. It's worth noting that Kurumaku won't remove traces of virus on hard surfaces, which normally are eliminated after around 24 hours

The automaker explains that the new system needs to be replaced every year, or every 15,000 kilometers (around 9300 miles) in order to remain efficient.

Honda will launch Kurumaku as an accessory in its compact N Box, exclusively in Japan, for 6400 yens (around 62 US dollars). Other models are also set to soon have it as an option.