Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam vows to listen to people as she shares online season’s greetings she received

Tony Cheung

Hong Kong’s embattled leader has pledged to reflect on people’s criticism and be grateful for their words of encouragement, as she showed on social media season’s greetings she has received.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor’s message, which was posted on her Facebook page at noon on Saturday, drew mostly negative response. By 5.30pm, it attracted 8,300 users’ response – with 5,300 showing “anger”.

In the post, Lam said she received many Christmas and New Year greeting cards from Hong Kong people recently.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam says she will seriously reflect on people’s criticism. Photo: May Tse

“I tried to read them all personally to listen to the people’s voice,” she wrote.

“I will seriously reflect on people’s criticism, and actively follow up on their requests for assistance. I’m grateful to those who encouraged me and will convert their encouragement into the motivation behind my work.”

Attached to the post was a photo of about 10 Christmas cards she had received. The photo also showed a message a resident wrote to her.

The writer identified herself as “Ms Law”, a Tai Wo Hau resident who takes care of a child with special education needs, and a recipient of the government’s working family allowance.

“Respectable Chief Executive Mrs Lam”, she wrote, “since you took office, I feel that you have never given up on grass roots residents, and have always cared for the underprivileged.”

Law also said she admired Lam’s talent, as the chief executive had “done things that no one did before”.

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“The Hong Kong government has a conscience. You have worked hard, I am grateful that we have you, and I believe in you. I hope you can continue to come up with solutions for us, I absolutely support you,” she added.

Law also said she hoped Lam would “overcome difficulties and stay healthy”.

But many Facebook users were not impressed by the message. A user’s comment – “Five demands, not one less! Universal suffrage for the chief executive, restore us the real ‘one country, two systems’!” – was one of the most popular, and was liked by hundreds.

There were also comments from her supporters, including one who asked when would she enact national security legislation.

“The Hong Kong police are exhausted, please cheer them up personally,” another user wrote.

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