Hong Kong’s Nicholas Tse ignores negative comments made about his cooking

Sylvia Looi
Hong Kong entertainer and chef Nicholas Tse does not care about the negative comments he received about his food. ― Picture via Facebook/Nicholas Tse

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 5 ― Hong Kong entertainer and chef Nicholas Tse has shrugged off negative comments that he has received about his cooking.

Hong Kong's Oriental Daily News reported Tse, who was honoured as the first ever “Friend of Michelin” in 2016, as saying that he had heard of mean comments from people who tasted his food.

The “Friend of Michelin” is awarded for Michelin-star-worthy non-professional chefs and restaurateurs.

“Some people like to comment but their comments are not constructive at all,” he said, brushing aside the comments.

Saying everyone's tastebuds were different, Tse said sometimes he felt his cooking had achieved “120 points” and yet there are still criticisms.

“You can't win everybody's heart. Even great chefs are also criticised.”

Tse has a cooking show and also carries out cooking demonstrations.

On requests by fans that he opens up a restaurant, Tse has declined to do so as he did not want to end up spending all his time in the kitchen.

“For a person who chases perfection, I will be in the kitchen. In the end, I will not be able to do other things like singing or acting.”

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