Hong Kong property prices hit record high for fifth straight month

Venus Wu

HONG KONG, April 28 (Reuters) - Private home prices in Hong

Kong, one of the least affordable places in the world, hit a

record high for the fifth month in a row in March, extending its

year-long price surge, according to government data released on


Cooling Hong Kong's red-hot property market will be one of

the top priorities for incoming leader Carrie Lam, who takes

office in July and has vowed to tackle the city's high housing


Home prices in Hong Kong have jumped 364 percent since 2003,

while the median monthly household income has risen just 61

percent, pushing home ownership out of reach for many.

In March, private home prices rose 2.07 percent compared to

the previous month, while year-on-year prices soared 17.8

percent, according to an index compiled by the Rating and

Valuation Department.

Lam has promised to keep expanding the city's housing

supply, continuing a tactic used by incumbent Chief Executive

Leung Chun-ying.

The government on Friday said it expects the private market

to provide some 96,000 units in the next three to four years, a

record figure, according to the latest data released by the

Transport and Housing Bureau.

But Lam's task of making housing more affordable could

founder on the bottomless pockets of mainland Chinese

developers, who are bidding up the price of land.

Chinese companies successfully bid for six out of 27 plots

of land sold by the government in the fiscal year starting April

2016, Lands Department data showed. But in money terms, they

accounted for 44 percent of total transactions.

In the previous fiscal year, Chinese firms paid more on land

deals than their Hong Kong competitors, taking up 55 percent of

the value and nearly half of the land sold.

(Reporting by Venus Wu; Editing by Randy Fabi)