Hong Kong protester shot by police in another day of violence during morning rush hour

WARNING: Graphic images below

A police officer prepares to shoot a protester in Hong Kong on Monday (AP)

A protester has been shot by a police officer in Hong Kong during another day’s violence.

The shooting on Monday was caught on video after demonstrators blocked train lines and roads during the morning commute.

It follows the death last week of a student who fell from a parking garage after police fired tear gas.

In a separate incident in Hong Kong on Monday, a man has been set on fire following an apparent dispute over national identity.

He is in a critical condition in hospital. Video posted online shows him arguing with a group of young people before someone douses him with a liquid and flicks open a lighter.

The footage of the shooting shows a police officer trying to disperse protesters at a roadblock, then drawing his gun on a masked protester in a white hooded sweatshirt who approaches him.

The police officer, aims his gun at the protester before firing (AP)
A police cordon at the scene of the shooting in Hong Kong on Monday (AP)

As the two struggle, another protester, this time in black, approaches, and the officer points his gun at him.

He then fires at the stomach area of the second protester, who falls to the ground. The officer appeared to fire again as a third protester in black joined the tussle.

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The protester in white manages to flee, bounding up a nearby stairway, and the officer and a colleague pin the two in black to the ground.

The shooting was livestreamed on Facebook.

Police said only one protester was hit and that he was undergoing surgery.

A spokeswoman for the Hong Kong hospital authority said the person shot was in a critical condition.

Protesters with umbrellas run after tear gas was fired by police in Hong Kong on Monday (AP)
Riot police run past umbrellas abandoned by protesters after tear gas was fired in Hong Kong on Monday (AP)
Police walk past a road scattered with bricks to block traffic in Hong Kong on Monday (AP)

It is the third time a police officer has shot someone with live rounds since protests began in Hong Kong in June.

On Monday, tear gas was fired by police in the central business district to combat protesters.

The demonstrations began over a proposed extradition law and have expanded to include demands for greater democracy and police accountability.

Activists say Hong Kong's autonomy and Western-style civil liberties, promised when the former British colony was returned to China in 1997, are eroding.