Hong Kong Star Gillian Chung’s Parents-In-law Initially Disapproved Of Relationship

Shreya Jagdish

Many couples are all too familiar with disapproving in-laws including Hong Kong actress and singer Gillian Chung. 

In a recent Chinese variety show, the megastar’s husband, Michael Lai revealed that his parents initially disapproved of their relationship. 

gillian chung

Gillian Chung and her husband’s guest appearance on Chinese show | Source: Screengrab of ‘Truth Everything’ show

The 30-year-old cosmetologist from the U.S. explained that his parents were uncomfortable because they had not gotten to know Gillian and were afraid about the scrutiny he might receive by being in a relationship with such a big star. 

However, once they met Gillian and spent more time with her, all their fears were put to rest. 

Last year, Michael even brought his mum for one of Gillian’s shows which left her in tears. After seeing the megastar on stage his mum said that her daughter-in-law is “truly excellent.”

Gillian then quipped in saying since then, her relationship with Michael’s mother has even surpassed her own husband’s relationship with his mother. 

Apart from that the singer-actress also shared that she was the one who took the first step and proposed to Michael after he agreed to accompany skydiving together on a holiday.

This romantic gesture, to her, was a confirmation that he was indeed ‘The One’ for her. 

Michael laughed and said while he is thankful he decided to accompany her that day,  he would never do it again. 

Gillian Chung and Michael tied the knot in December last year in one of the most expensive weddings in Hong Kong.

gillian chung

Gillian Chung’s luxurious and high profile wedding in December last year | Source: Weibo

According to media reports, the couple is aiming to ‘make babies’  in the near future. 

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