Hong Konger banned from Singapore for holding illegal assembly

Screenshot of a YouTube video clip by restaurant owner Alex Yeung before his returning flight to Hong Kong. (PHOTO: YouTube screenshot)
Screenshot of a YouTube video clip by restaurant owner Alex Yeung before his returning flight to Hong Kong. (PHOTO: YouTube screenshot)

SINGAPORE — Alex Yeung, the Hong Kong restaurant owner who recently organised a public event in Singapore to discuss the protests in his city-state, has been repatriated and banned from the Republic.

According to CNA, the Singapore police said on Wednesday (20 November) that Yeung will not be allowed to enter Singapore again without prior permission from the authorities.

He was also given a “stern warning” for organising a public assembly without the requisite police permit, which is an offence under the Public Order Act.

"Singapore has always been clear that foreigners should not advocate their political causes in Singapore, through public assemblies, and other prohibited means," the police told CNA.

"The police investigated Yeung’s case in accordance with our usual processes and in accordance with our laws.”

Public gathering to share views on Hong Kong protests

Yeung is the founder of the Wah Kee chain of restaurants and known for his pro-China views. He has more than 48,000 followers on the Weibo social platform and his YouTube channel has more than 150,000 subscribers.

He had allegedly organised a public gathering on 11 October “for interested persons to share their views on the current protests in Hong Kong".

It was originally planned to be held at Kimoto Gastro Bar at The Sail @ Marina Bay but was later shifted to a public space in the vicinity of The Promontory at Marina Boulevard.

The police had put up a post on its Facebook page on 7 November that they had impounded Yeung's passport while he was assisting with its investigation into the event.

They had clarified in the post that, contrary to online rumours, Yeung was neither arrested nor in police custody, and was free to go about his activities in Singapore.

Aside from him, a Singaporean real estate businessman has also been warned for facilitating the gathering, according to the Straits Times.

Philip Chan, 55, a former Hong Kong resident, is the owner of Kimoto Gastro Bar. He is also the president of the Kowloon club here which helps new immigrants integrate into Singapore society.

Already on returning flight

On Wednesday, Yeung put up a six-minute video clip on his YouTube channel saying that he was on his way back to Hong Kong.

In the clip, which appears to be taken at Jewel Changi Airport, he said, “Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil. God is watching constantly and will not miss a trick.

“The Singapore Police Force has made no indictment against me. I am warned to refrain from any criminal conduct in the future under their discretion. So, I can now fly free to those places I wanna go.”

He also thanked the Singapore Police Force and those who have helped him during this incident.

Later in the video, he urged Hong Kong residents to come out and vote for “anti-violence, pro-peace” local district councillors at the city-state’s District Council elections on Sunday (24 November).

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