Horizon Forbidden West adds a single missing crystal so players can finally 100% the DLC

 Horizon Forbidden West Aloy Pride inspired face paint
Horizon Forbidden West Aloy Pride inspired face paint

A single crystal has been added to Horizon Forbidden West, allowing players to finally reach 100% completion in the DLC.

The Burning Shores expansion adds a selection of new weapons and outfits for Aloy, which require Brimshine, a rare golden crystal hidden throughout the map. But much to the dismay of completionists, no matter how hard they searched, they found themselves one Brimshine short when attempting to buy and fully upgrade everything in one playthrough. Thankfully, the latest update corrects this unfortunate oversight.

"Fixed an issue for Brimshine where players would not have enough to buy and upgrade everything. One Brimshine Sliver has been added," reads the patch notes on the Horizon subreddit. The developer also points out exactly where you can find the missing piece, which we won't reveal here in case you're keen on tracking it down for yourself.

It might not be much, but to those keen to cross every T and dot every I in Aloy's latest adventure, it's invaluable. "I finally got 100%," says a very satisfied ar1sm. User 20person comments: "Thanks for catering to us obsessed 100%ers!" and an equally grateful stewosch writes: "Thanks a lot for fixing the unmarked machine sites and for adding that last Brimshine, now my obsessed completionist can rest."

As well as the single Brimshine, patch 1.24 adds a plethora of fixes for quests, UI, and photo mode, as well as improvements to performance and stability.

In other Horizon news, following the review bombing Burning Shores was subjected to when it launched last month, singer Julie Elven, who's lent her voice to both Forbidden West and its DLC, says she's "proud" to be involved in the LGBT scene despite the "continuous" angry messages she receives from players.

Burning Shores might be short, but its story has serious implications for Horizon 3.