Singaporean production "Selfie" in Cambodian cinemas this June

Singaporean production "Selfie" in Cambodian cinemas this June

3 Jun – Upcoming feature thriller "Selfie" is set to open in Phnom Penh by the end of this month.

The English-language horror movie is produced by Oh Lucky Me Films, a Singapore film production company helmed by director Mikael Teo and producer Tan Ying Han.

Distribution Manager of Westec Media Limited - the distributor of the film in Cambodia - Simon Choo said, "This is the first Singaporean film we are releasing here in Phnom Penh. When I first met the producers (Mikael Teo and Tan Ying Han), I thought it was a brilliant idea for a film and agreed on it almost immediately."

"Now that we've seen the final cut, I know it's very different and exciting, and it's going to have a great following," he added.

Prior to opening in Cambodia, "Selfie" was screened at two U.S. film festivals: the prestigious Hoboken International Film Festival in New York and Motor City Nightmares Film Festival in Detroit. It has also won an Award of Merit in Indiefest, New York.

"Selfie" stars German-born regional TV host, Carla Dunareanu, as a psychologist named Audrey and former MTV VJ, Richard Herrera, as Detective James. The film follows the pair as they investigate a murder case where young and beautiful women are getting mysteriously killed by what the public dubs as the "Selfie Serial Killer".

"Selfie" is slated for release this 30 June in Cambodia but has yet to have a confirmed release date for Singapore. It also has plans for release in Malaysia and Thailand.

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