Hoshino Aki delivers a girl

Hoshino Aki delivers a girl

20 Apr – Japanese talent Hoshino Aki has delivered her first child with horse jockey husband Miura Kosei, and added a baby girl to their growing family.

According to Tokyo Hive, the couple's daughter was delivered at 4.06PM on 12 April when Hoshino went into labour in the morning and soon delivered the child about 3 to 4 hours later.

Miura was present at the time of the birth.

"I was surprised by the throes of childbirth, but after I saw how cute angel was born, it made me to forget about the throes," Hoshino said.

She added; "My daughter is a really dutiful child, as I didn't have morning sickness and was able to spend a happy maternity life. Even at the last moment, she was delivered easily."

Both mother and child are reported to be healthy and the child has been described to have the lips of her mother while her other features are similar to her father's.

The 35-year-old Hoshino and 22-year-old Miura had dated for more than two years before registering their marriage last September. A month later, she revealed that she was already entering her third month of pregnancy.