Woman sent home from the hospital delivers her own baby

Elise Solé

A mother who was sent home from the hospital while in labor wound up delivering her baby in her own bathroom.

On the night of Oct. 25, Alicia Thompson, a 24-year-old mother of two, knew she was in active labor as she and her boyfriend, Christopher Lapoint, were lying in bed watching Criminal Minds. Her contractions had occurred on and off throughout the day, but by that evening, they were fast and powerful. “I said to Chris, ‘Babe, we need to get to the hospital,’” Thompson tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Alicia Thompson and Christoper Lapoint with their two daughters and newborn daughter. (Photo: Courtesy of Alicia Thompson)

The couple drove 45 minutes to Highland Hospital in Rochester, N.Y., from their home in Honeoye, and when they arrived, Thompson was monitored in the triage room for labor and delivery. “A few hours later, my contractions were two minutes apart, but my cervix was three centimeters,” says Thompson. “Because my contractions were irregular, they sent me home with Percocet to ease the pain. I was pretty upset because I knew I was in active labor.”

Christopher Lapoint holds his newborn daughter. (Photo: Courtesy of Alicia Thompson)

Once at home, Thompson’s contractions were so strong that she began dry-heaving, so the couple decided to drive a shorter distance to Thompson Health. But when the mom made a quick bathroom trip, she suddenly lost her mucus plug — a definite sign of labor.

“I told Christopher to get me a pad to wear for the car ride, and suddenly I felt the baby coming out,” says Thompson. “I yelled for Chris to call 911, and by the time he grabbed the phone and walked back to the bathroom — a few seconds — I was holding my daughter in my arms.”

Thompson adds, “It was pretty scary, and I don’t remember any thoughts running through my head. When I reached down while sitting on the toilet, I could feel my baby’s head, so I pulled her out. I don’t even remember pushing.”

While waiting for the paramedics, Thompson and her grandmother, who was home at the time, wrapped the baby in a towel, and LaPoint tied off the umbilical cord. Then the couple was transported to the hospital. Laylah Moon LaPoint was born a healthy 6 pounds, 5.4 ounces, at 19 inches long and is home with her parents.

Staying calm under pressure clearly runs in Thompson’s family. She says, “My mom was born in the back seat of my great-grandmother’s car.”

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