Hospital welcomes 3 sets of twins in one day, within 2 hours


KENINGAU: A district government hospital here may have had its busiest 75 minutes yesterday when the staff rushed to welcome three sets of twins.

Its director Dr Ridwan Hashim said three mothers, including two from Tenom, gave birth here between 12.38pm and 1.53pm.

“The babies, five boys and a girl, all weighed between 1.8 and 2.45kg,” he said.

Dr Ridwan added that usually the average daily delivery rate at the hospital is 11 and that the hospital comes equipped with eight labour suites.

There are 28 beds at the antenatal and postnatal wards.

Yesterday, pictures of the twins were posted on the social media where many conveyed their congratulatory messages to mothers and gratitude to medical team who attended to the deliveries.

One of the mothers, Asnitah Lazarus, 26, is a staff nurse working at the hospital’s men surgical ward.

Her husband Daffri Adzahari, 30, said the twins, a boy and a girl, were a pleasant surprise for the couple who has another two-year-old son.

Initially they were told the babies, who were sharing same placenta, were both boys.

“My wife and I, however, had a hunch that it could be a boy and a girl,” said Daffri.

The father added that they were happy to see that the twins are both healthy and well, each weighing 2.45kg.