Hot, dry Kuala Pilah enjoys cool 21 degrees Celcius

Amran Yahya
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Hot, dry Kuala Pilah enjoys cool 21 degrees Celcius

KUALA PILAH: Kuala Pilah in Negri Sembilan is known as one of hottest and driest areas in the country, as well as having the lowest rainfall.

However, for the last three days, people in Kuala Pilah have been enjoying cold weather due to continuous rain, which has also seen the temperature plunged to as low as 21 degrees Celcius. Checks in the area today showed it was still drizzling rain, accompanied by strong wind, adding more excitement to the people living here. Teacher Mohd Afiza Abu Bakar, 39, said the phenomenon was quite unusual in Kuala Pilah. “We experienced cold weather in 2016, but at that time it was due to winds coming from China. “This time continuous rain has contributed to the cold weather. It’s unusual,” he said, adding that he had told his family members to wear thick clothes to prevent them getting muscle cramps. “The weather is colder at night. We used to sleep with the airconditioner on, but for the past three days we are able to sleep without the aircon and we use the blankets to keep ourselves warm,” he said when met at his house in Batu Kikir here. Mohd Afiza’s son, Muhamad Airiel Hakeem, 10, said he enjoyed the cold weather as it reminded him of Cameron Highlands. “I love the cold weather and how I wish it could stay like this,” he said. Meanwhile, state’s Meteorological Department director Mohammad Redzuan Abdul Moin said the low temperature was due to continuous rain for the last three days. “It is normal for the temperature to plunge during and after rainy days. We have been experiencing the same phenomenon every year. However, the weather is expected to be warmer today and the rain is expected to subside,” he said.

Redzuan said the maximum temperature over the last seven days was recorded at 29 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature settled at 21 degree Celsius. “It is completely normal to experience slightly colder climate, especially during the monsoon season, with continuous rain and strong winds,” he said. He also advised the public to monitor warning notices issued by the department to get accurate information on the weather. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd