Hotel employee tells negative reviewer she should be 'put on a diet'

A woman who left a negative review of a hotel in England was met with a nasty reply from one of the male employees. (Photo: Facebook)

When you’re faced with a less-than-desirable hotel on vacation, it can only be described as one thing: disappointing.

It’s not unusual for people to leave negative reviews on hotel booking sites to let others know that the hopefully idyllic stay may not be so dreamy after all.

One mom did just that after she booked a two-night stay at a budget hotel in Blackpool, England, to celebrate her second wedding anniversary, finding that the room left much to be desired.

Paying an admittedly small sum of the equivalent of $50, Emily Chance still wasn’t pleased to find that the property needed a lot of maintenance.

After posting her review, Chance swiftly received a text from a hotel employee, telling her to go on a diet. (Photo:

“The smell is horrendous when you walk in and it lingered in my clothes and belongings,” Chance wrote in a review on

“The shower had grime in the corners and a big chunk of the plastic covering was missing. The towels weren’t changed either so basically you were expected to use [the] same towel. …

“The overall decor is in a bad way from the carpets to the windows. … Very disappointed considering the high living standards and environment I and my husband are used to living in. Having OCD, I suffered badly in Nelcon Hotel’s environment.”

After leaving the review and giving the hotel a measly 3.8 out of 10 rating, Chance was surprised to see a reply from an employee that read, “Can I ask just what did you expect for what you paid? Most of what you describe I do not recognize as a matter of interest. I think you possibly were expecting a 4 star hotel. We are a budget hotel.”

The male employee has since said that he doesn’t regret sending the text. (Photo: SWNS)

She was even more shocked to receive a text later that day (seemingly from the same employee) that read, “For someone who has never been away before, you do not come across as nervous. In fact, you come across as a nasty piece of work who probably should be put on a diet as you must hate everything and everyone.”

Chance told SWNS, “I left an honest review about how bad Nelcon Hotel is, only to have one of the staff make it their business to go into my account and personally text me an offensive text from their personal mobile number to mine telling me I needed to go on a diet.”

She continued, “This should not be allowed; it was a little too personal and they had no right making personal digs to paying customers. It is an outrage. They need exposing and people need to be warned how bad this hotel really is.”

The male employee later said Chance’s review was “a pack of lies,” adding that he didn’t “regret texting her at all.”

“I don’t have a problem with people reviewing us, but what she wrote was a pack of lies,” he commented. “The hotel is not dirty and doesn’t smell. She was looking for problems which weren’t there. …

“The review was disgusting and reduced a female member of staff to tears. This is a budget hotel but we are not dirty and don’t deserve to be lied about.”

Yahoo has reached out to the Nelcon Hotel for further comment.

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