Hotel staffer says Usher did hook up with a woman who is now suing him

On Monday, Quantasia Sharpton came out and said she had consensual sex with Usher. The 21-year-old held a press conference with celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom and accused the R&B singer of failing to disclose his alleged herpes infection.

Sharpton said she was picked from the crowd at an Usher concert two years ago in Atlantic City, N.J. She was celebrating her 19th birthday and got to meet the Grammy winner backstage. After the show, they ended up at the Days Inn hotel, which was less than a mile from the venue. Sharpton claims she ran the risk of exposure to the STD after having sexual contact with Usher.

On Friday, TMZ reported that an employee who worked at the Days Inn then, saw Usher in the hotel lobby a little after midnight on Nov. 16. The singer met Sharpton, who brought him back to her room.

Earlier this week, Usher denied Sharpton’s accusations and said: “She’s not my type.”

Sharpton tested negative for the herpes, but said she feels “violated” by Usher. In addition to Sharpton, an unidentified man and a woman are also suing Usher for sexual battery, fraud, negligence, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

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