How to get more matches on your dating profile

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Small changes to your dating profile can make all the difference. (Getty Images)
Small changes to your dating profile can make all the difference. (Getty Images)

Perfecting your dating profile isn't as easy as it sounds. That profile is effectively your own 'shop window' so putting the right effort in is the key to dating success.

As the summer weather hots up, so too is the dating world. So with everyone out there looking for a match, how do you know you are putting your best foot forward?

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Research shows that first impressions are key. (Getty Images)
Research shows that first impressions are key. (Getty Images)

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Research by dating app Inner Circle has found that the opening line really is make or break with 91% saying a person's opening message is important so it is well worth the effort and energy to make a better first impression.

Only one in ten (12%) who start a conversation with “hey” will get a response, so don’t even think about it!

"Have you ever received an opening message and thought, ‘Yeah, this might be a copy and paste job'?" says David Vermeulen, CEO of Inner Circle. "But, there’s a simple fix. Including someone’s name in your opening message increases your chances by 4% – it might seem small, but that 4% might be just what you’re looking for. Marginal gains.

"Having a profile that is 80% complete will get you twice as many matches than a profile that is 60% complete, so don’t skimp on what you might think are the ‘unimportant bits’. People care about your smoker status, where you were born, the best bits about you – that extra 20% of effort is worth it."

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Having the right pictures on your profile is vital. Using just one picture makes you look a little bit shifty and on the plus side any more than one will get you five times more matches.

Also potential dates don't like group pictures – it leaves them guessing which one you are in the line-up.

Surprisingly, despite what a lot of experts (and Gen Z) say, emojis might be the difference between make or break.

Having five or more (well used) emojis in your 'about me' section gets you more likes and matches. "All we ask is that you use them right," says Vermeulen. "You know who you are, wink emoji users."