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Here's how often you should replace your sheets, according to a laundry expert

Pretty bed in a sun-filled beddroom.
Sheets only last for two or so years! (Photo: Getty Images)

Your sheets are a vital part of your bedding, serving to both extend the life of your mattress and duvet as well as keep you comfortable while you snooze. But while most people tend to buy a pair of sheets and use them until they fall apart, it's really not ideal — for your mattress or your overall comfort. That raises a big question: How often should you replace your sheets? Spolier alert: Probably more often than you're doing now.

To delve into this issue, we consulted a pro. "Generally, the lifespan of your bedsheets is two years," says Laurie Fulford, laundry expert at SudShare. However, she stipulates, "This can vary depending upon the fabric." To be more specific: Sheets made from linen or 100% Egyptian or Pima cotton tend to last longer than other types — "three or more years," according to Fulford. Higher thread-count sheets — which are more expensive — can also have a longer lifespan compared to lower thread count sheets, she adds.

By the way, your pillows have an age limit as well: It's generally recommended that you replace them every two years, in addition to washing them regularly.

Naturally, personal preferences come into play when considering new sheets. Bedding made from cotton, linen and bamboo tends to be the most breathable — and best — for hot sleepers. If you like a silkier feel, consider sheets crafted from sateen or actual silk. And, if you just can't deal with wrinkles, microfiber is likely a good choice.

If you don't feel like keeping mental tabs on when to buy new sheets, there are a few other things that can tip you off that it's time for an upgrade. "Signs of wear and tear, such as discoloring, fading and areas that have ripped or frayed are the most obvious indicators that it is time to purchase new sheets," Fulford says. "Also, if you notice that, even after washing your sheets, they are still not smelling as fresh and clean as they used to, it might be a good idea to go ahead and purchase a fresh set."

So....time to upgrade your sheets set? We're guessing yes, and are ready with some popular options to consider.

These are a little pricier than your standard sheets, but they have a massive fanbase to back them up. They're crafted from a special polyester-spandex blend that feels lightweight, helps keep you cool and wicks away moisture. This set is also engineered to avoid shrinking and stay wrinkle-free. Basically, it does a little of everything.

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One five-star fan called these the "most amazing sheets I've ever owned," adding, "They are worth every dollar. Feels like laying on your most favorite pair of basketball shorts. Super cool and super soft."

These breathable sheets are Amazon bestsellers. They've gotten rave reviews for their soft feel, deep pockets and wrinkle-free appearance. They're also just $30! Choose from 45 color options, ranging from muted whites and grays to bolder hues.

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"They’re the comfiest set of sheets I’ve ever owned," said a happy customer. "They are luxurious without the price tag. I have other sheet sets that I’ve spent over $150 on and these don’t compare."

This 400-thread count option from California Design Den is an Amazon favorite (and, as we noted above, will last longer than a synthetic set). Enjoy deep pockets, a cooling sateen finish and an incredibly soft feel. Pick from one of 38 color options.

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"The sheets were thick enough that I know they’ll last and get softer with age," shared a satisfied shopper. "They were smooth and comfortable after washing out the sizing, and not too crisp or too soft."

Want to give linen a try? These Dapu sheets are breathable yet durable, making them perfect for hot sleepers who want a set that can stand up to plenty of wear. They're pre-washed for a softer feel and come in a slew of pretty colors.

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Shared a happy sleeper: "Thick material, beautiful color. I think I smiled when I fell asleep. Amazing! Very happy."

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