How to clean an oven quickly: This top-rated kit will do the trick

Need to deep clean your oven? This top-rated kit will do the trick. (Getty Images)
Need to deep clean your oven? This top-rated kit will do the trick. (Getty Images)

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Not only is cleaning an oven a game of contortion - especially the further back you go - but it can take a lot of time with stubborn grime difficult to shift. 

However, a glistening oven is also one of the most satisfying sights and, let’s face it, it has to be done.

Which is why we’re constantly on the hunt for products that will make our lives easier, and this Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Kit from Lakeland is a gift from the “deep clean gods”.

The kit includes an Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Gel, double-headed brush and a pair of gloves, and has sold over 1.5 million packs so far.

How it works

To remove baked-on grease and grime, and restore your oven to its former glory, just brush on the gel, leave it to work for between three minutes and three hours (depending on just how grimy your oven has got) then wipe it away.

<a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Kit from Lakeland" class="link rapid-noclick-resp">Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Kit from Lakeland</a>. (Lakeland)

Plus, unlike some other oven cleaners that require a lot of elbow grease and have a horrible, acrid smell, Oven Mate’s powerful, biodegradable cleaning formula removes stubborn baked-on fat and oil with no need to scrub, and it’s odourless and fume-free too.

The product has almost 700 five-star reviews on Lakeland, with shoppers dubbing the product “amazing” and a “total miracle-worker”.

What reviews day

  • “I had read good reviews of this product, and decided to give it a try, having put off the job of cleaning my oven for far too long. All I can say is that it is excellent and well worth the money. Paste it on, leave it for a short while and then just wipe it off. Simple as that and no horrid smells or fumes to go with it either.”

  • “Absolutely amazing. Would highly recommend this product. My oven floor was in a terrible state but is now sparkling. So much so I can't stop opening the door to have a look at it!”

  • “Lakeland oven cleaning gel is the best oven cleaning product I have ever used. The complete set means you have everything you need in one place.”

  • “You only need to brush on a small amount, and little effort, to clean the inside of the oven each week. Much easier than the awful spray on cleaners that never seem to work well anyway.”

  • “It's the best oven cleaner I've used, it brought my one back to look like new, excellent product,, recommended.”

  • “Wow! So pleased with this product. My oven really needed a good clean. Due to COVID I didn’t want a firm to come into my home, when I brought this I was a bit skeptical to be honest. I was really impressed, no awful smell. My oven floor was really dirty, so I used the product three times to get it looking totally as new. Really easy to use, I liked the brush, gloves and sleeve protectors also supplied. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Buy it: Oven Mate Oven & Cooker Cleaning Gel Kit | £8.99 from Lakeland

Also available from Amazon

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