How to match your eyeshadow to your eye shape

Andrea Claire
Yahoo! Special Projects

When matched right with your eye shape, the colours of your eye makeup can affect your overall look. Here’s how to branch out and play with colour.

 Look into your eyes

If they’re large and round, make the eyelid recede with a dark satin or matte shadow, and the lash line with a dark liner. Dark does not equal black; think light brown or light plum shades for day.

For Asians Eyes, create a crease using a neutral brown with a dome-shaped brush. For accuracy, look directly into the mirror and do not close your eyes. Sweep the crease shade under your eye, rounding the outer corners to give the illusion of a “rounder” eye.

If they’re almond, highlight with a well-groomed brow, focusing on the brow bone and inner corner.

Quick tip: Lighter colours enhance or highlight, while darker colours recede or contour.

Know your eyeshadow

Naturals This is a series of neutral colours that range from nude to light brown to dark chocolate. All eye colours can wear these shades.

Highlighters contain shimmer or luminous qualities to enhance the eyes. They’re commonly used on the brow bone, mid-eyelid and inner corner. Colours tend to be reflective hues of champagne, vanilla, gold and silver. Note: Silver and white highlighters are hard to wear, as they can look harsh and draw attention to fine lines and imperfections. Champagne and golds are more forgiving.

Intensifiers are hues that make your eye colour “pop”, and they’re typically opposite those on the colour wheel. Brown eyes pop best with blues and purples. Do not depend too much on intensifiers, however, as they can get a little overdone and garish.

Metallics High-shine metallic colours draw maximum attention with just a minimal amount, so take care when and where you use them. Metallics are found within the entire colour spectrum, from a highlighter to a dark intense colour with sheen. A pop of black metallic for a smoky eye has a dramatic effect. Remember: Any shadows with shimmer or high shine will reflect when there’s a camera flash.

Accents are added textures or pops of colour to add final touches to your look. This can be a sheer eye gloss, some glitter, or extreme bright colour to tie in an accessory. Playing with glitter? Keep some scotch tape on hand to tidy up.