Hrithik Roshan Body-Building Secrets

Hrithik Roshan Body-Building Secrets

It has become almost customary to see Hrithik Roshan flaunting a chiseled physique.

In fact, most of us have taken it for granted that this Greek God of Indian cinema is blessed with muscle-gaining ability that seems impossible for most mortals.
However, our ignorance was shaken when images of Hrithik Roshan sporting a paunch and flab on this chest and around his chin were published in some leading magazines. The article is an account of Hrithik’s bodybuilding challenges and how he dealt with them.

The Challenge to Hrithik’s Bodybuilding Efforts

Reports in the media confirmed that due to a string of injuries that had rendered him almost incapable of hitting the gym and some personal issues, Hrithik had quit upon his strict workout schedule. Instead, the bottle and packs of cigarettes became his companion. It immediately became clear that Hrithik’s physique wasn’t a blessing of God but the results of his efforts without which he was prone to developing rather average bodily dynamics like most of us. Many people might not know that Hrithik shot for his role in “Agneepath” with a painful slip disc which he developed as a result of undertaking a dangerous stunt.

Hrithik’s Time to Seek Help to Regain his Physique

Hrithik Roshan Body-Building Secrets

It was then that Hrithik took the help of Kris Gethin for regaining his fitness. He later confessed that he had almost assumed that he was supremely fit since this was the general impression in everybody’s mind and soon it infected his mind too. However, the injuries and the deteriorating state of his body made Hrithik realize that he wasn’t invincible. At the time when he met Kris, Hrithik had a 36+ inches waist and suffered from extreme fluctuations in blood pressure. The Transformation Begins: Hrithik Gets Back to Training Hard with Kris Gethin Hrithik Roshan realized that for his role in Krrish 3, he needed to look at his fittest and muscular best. This is why the guidance of Kris Gethin became important since this guy has been behind some amazing transformation stories in Hollywood. Kris Gethin immediately introduced some changes in Hrithik’s outlook to exercising. This included combining nutrition with more taste and the ability to be fighting fit despite the after-effects of multiple injuries.

Impressive, Initial Results Surface Despite Hrithik’s Lifestyle Issues

Hrithik Roshan Body-Building Secrets

Hrithik still suffers the scars and damage induced by repeated knee and back injuries. He realized that the only way to reach peak fitness again was to swallow some pain and combine this with exercising around the injury. However, the challenges were far from over for Hrithik. He was still on 3 packs of smokes per day and his vital capacity was at an all time low. The fact that Kris knew very little about the star status of Hrithik helped a lot. Hrithik recently confessed that making him more committed to the workouts was the first goal of Kris and the master-trainer was never short on pushing his disciple to the extreme. The results achieved through the training of Kris bore amazing results and within ten weeks, Hrithik lost 6 inches around his waist!

Dietary Changes that Aided Hrithik’s Return to Muscularity

Hrithik Roshan Body-Building Secrets

Hrithik realized that he had erred previously in terms of his dietary intake. Though his muscles had peaked at times, he was more dependent upon supplements. With Kris, Hrithik found the benefits of eating natural to fuel the muscles. His diet now consisted of at least 100 grams meat along with lots of complex carbs. Hrithik confirmed that it was essential for him to consume carbohydrates throughout the day since he needed the extra calories to support his muscle gains. It also became clear that for his protein intake, Hrithik became increasingly dependent on pure forms of protein like egg whites which he consumed for breakfast and dinner on days of heavy exercising.

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Gymming Results: Precaution Combined with Dedication

Hrithik Roshan Body-Building Secrets

Hrithik’s dedication wasn’t limited to just lifting the heaviest of weights but also combining precautions like:
• Cutting down on sodium that is known to induce bloating
• Almost zero intake of sugar to eliminate empty calories
• Eating to just about 70% of the hunger quotient
• Eating within 45 minutes after completing the workout for faster gains
• Taking a short nap after having a full meal to allow the body’s metabolism to extract the maximum nutrition and channelize it towards muscle recover/repair

Small but Significant Tips Revealed from Hrithik’s Bodybuilding Regimen:

• Hrithik does the regular bench pressing without using too many variations
• He doesn’t work-out for more 40 – 60 minutes and tries to nap, soon after
• On busy days, he exercises during the night
• He uses workouts as his reason to tire himself and put himself to a deep sleep

Concluding Thoughts from Hrithik’s Bodybuilding Struggle and Triumph:

Hrithik Roshan Body-Building Secrets

There is always room for redemption—despite drinking and smoking heavily and being diagnosed with multiple injuries, Hrithik regained his physiquethrough pure dedication.
Guidance Matters a Lot—Hrithik understood that for him to regain top physical conditioning, he needed a mentor rather than just another gym instructor.
Thus, we too shouldn’t stop ourselves from seeking help in the gym.
Mental Aspect is Critical—despite having created a physique that was literally worshipped across the nation, Hrithik fell victim to life’s problems. There is no bodybuilding rule which says that people with a high muscle mass ratio will not be subjected to pain/suffering in their lives. Top physical conditioning can be achieved only when some degree of psychological semblance is achieved. This is why Hrithik had to reform his lifestyle to get back into his muscled avatar.

Hrithik Roshan Body-Building Secrets

Those who have been following the progression, peaking and downfall of Hrithik’s physique would realize that he has gone through various phases. However, what is important is that he was able to overcome his challenges and eventually won the moment. He did not back down and didn’t surrender. The gym saying, “No Pain, No Gain” is often misinterpreted as referring to the pain induced by lifting heavy weights only. However, it also refers to the ability to endure and stick to your bodybuilding regimen when life gets tough.

Hrithik Roshan Body-Building Secrets

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