Huawei sells off its Honor brand: what difference does it make for me?

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Some 70 million smartphones are sold each year under the Honor brand.

The Chinese giant Huawei has announced that it has sold its Honor brand to a consortium called Zhixin New Information Technology. The purpose of this transaction is to spare the brand from the American sanctions that still affect Huawei. For the moment, the consortium has not yet communicated its future policy regarding Honor, but a priori the next models of the brand should integrate Google's services and other American technologies if necessary.

As Honor becomes completely free of Huawei, it will automatically be released from US sanctions. In fact, the brand's next smartphones should be able to use, like its Chinese competitors (excluding Huawei), components such as Qualcomm chips and, above all, Android updates, Google Play and all of Google's applications. These are absolutely essential for models sold worldwide, especially in Europe and the United States. Without this sale, the brand would probably not have survived, at least outside of China.

However, it is unclear at this time whether this will have an impact on the current smartphone lineup and whether or not the latest models will benefit from an update of their operating system and the arrival of Google's services. The jury is still out. Huawei, for its part, remains on the sidelines and for the time being must win over consumers with alternative home-grown solutions, such as its AppGallery.

Created in 2013, the Honor brand now sells 70 million smartphones worldwide every year. Honor is essentially aimed at a young audience, eager for new technologies accessible at affordable prices.