Hugh Jackman Witnesses a Real-Life ‘Mario Kart’ Race

Sure, Hugh Jackman is a movie star, but he still has to wait for green lights like everyone else. Except unlike everyone else, he was recently caught in the middle of a real-life race — a Mario Kart race. He shared the evidence on Twitter. You can hear the excitement in Hugh’s voice as he announces, “We’re here waiting for the green light, and we’re in Tokyo,  and who’s gonna… Oh! It’s Mario Kart!”

Hugh was promoting the latest X-Men movie, Logan, in Tokyo — the city that gave us the beloved racing video game. And while the actor is known for his many talents, he’s also pretty knowledgeable about the characters of Mario.  Hugh can be heard exclaiming, “Princess Peach! They’re all there.”

Can you imagine if the Mario Karters knew that Jackman, aka Wolverine, was watching them from just feet away? But soon enough, the light turned and the race was off.  Princess Peach jumped out to an early lead, followed closely by Mario and Luigi, but as Mario Kart fans know, anything can happen.

And before you think that these races spring up organically all over Tokyo, they appear to be part of a go-carting business called MariCar. This company facilitates go-cart tours around Tokyo, providing its customers with Mario Kart costumes to wear on their journey around the city. Maybe next time, Hugh can dress up and strap into a go-cart himself — he seems like a Yoshi.

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